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Two grand outdoor cafes



Summer tomatoes in the markets, and the urge to be outdoors is as intense as ever. It was lovely to be baked by the summer sun; now the cooler temperatures make idling at midday more pleasurable than ever. 



I am besotted with Cafe Strauss, which is in a lush green cemetery on the quieter end of Bergmannstrasse. Through Jane's post (which you must read) I discovered the interior was a funeral parlor; now there's a piano at one end and house-made liqueurs at the other, and beneath the brick arches of the terrace you'll be served excellent coffee, the beans roasted on the premises. 



Meanwhile in Charlottenburg, the Villa Oppenheim has a new cafe. Frau Bäckerin, whom some of you will know from Schöneberg, serves homely hearty fare (lasagnes, quiches, casseroles) and rustic cakes. 



Afterwards you can spend an hour poring over old photographs in an exhibition on Wilmersdorfer Strasse, or idle in the adjoining Schustehruspark (a part of which was once the Oppenheim back garden).
Happy weekend, my friends!
Cafe Strauss, Bergmannstr. 42, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map)
Frau Bäckerin in der Villa Oppenheim, Schloßstr. 55, Berlin-Charlottenburg (map)


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