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Raamson (Tamil food to eat in or takeaway)


Up til now, I knew the Tamil-run Raamson shop on Gneisenaustraße as a reliable source for white poppyseeds (which I hoard to make that dreamy Deborah Madison cake). When Zitty tipped me off to their new takeaway section, I had to go have a look. 

I came home with two pale-fleshed, succulent mangos from Pakistan, some samosas, and two curries (one was bitter gourd with lentils, the other aubergine), on a bed of Tamil noodles (that is, idiyappam) with a generous dollop of coconut chutney. The interior is on the grubby side (here as in their sister restaurant in Kolonnenstraße), but oh, this is just the place for homely Saturday supper fare. 

Raamson, Gneisenaustr. 5, Berlin-Kreuzberg (map). Asian shop and snack bar with a Tamil focus (seating is only outdoors, alongside a busy street)

Raamson Restaurant, Kolonnenstr. 48, Berlin-Schöneberg (map). 



What happened to the samosas? I never saw them. Are you hoarding them along with your white poppyseeds?

Yum, that looks delicious!

Oh Sylee, we seem to have entered into some blog mind meld: just last night I was working on a post about Raamson. I didn't know about their restaurant in Schöneberg, though. On a slight tangent, I find it kind of curious that food from the Indian subcontinent in Berlin which has *not* been blandified to oblivion is disproportionately Sri Lankan, and I have long wondered what the reason for this might be.

Gah! You're killing me!

Good to know! That's really close to my house, I will have to try it soon, it looks delicious on your pictures!!

Ahhhhhh! was soooo excited when I saw this! I'm half tamil living in berlin and have been yearning for a bit of tamil food forever. Definitely gonna visit! Can't believe they have string hoppers! amazing! Thanks for sharing. great find!

White samosa and poppy seeds i don't think it will match then as you have shown in pic how the iddiyappam will match to the curry it is different but i have try it once. Fantastic post and thanks for sharing.

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