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9 posts from September 2013

A grand day out in Kladow



Let's be brief, because the sun is shining, and I have an idea.

I was last in Kladow picking lilacs. Ever since, David has been asking when I'll take him. Yesterday, we bought S a round of winter clothing then had lunch at Do De Li (about which more later). Then we hopped on the X34. Kantstraße became Heerstraße; we passed a dismaying number of unvandalized NPD election posters. Then the bus turned left towards Gatow.

Alight at Neukladower Allee, and go left down the path, following the signs for the AWO Kindergarten. On your right, you walk by a small disaster in (sub)urban planning, an acre or two of land crammed with the most disparate little single family homes.




One could lose oneself in the grounds of Gutspark Neukladow. In the spring, we stripped a hillside of dandelion leaves (which we fried in masses of butter once home). Going straight down the path takes you to the Kulturpark Cafe.

The building, in which Bismarck's mother once lived, is fabulously decrepit in places, in a way I'll let be a surprise. (Isn't it tedious when you've seen it all already online?) We had cakes, tea and Riesling before it was time to find the ferry.



Chestnut trees line the path to the road. 'The boat ride was so long!' It's about twenty minutes — a celebratory finish to a grand day out.

Kulturpark Cafe, Neukladower Allee 9-12, Berlin-Spandau (map), cafe with quiches, soups, cakes and sometimes concerts, overlooking the Wannsee. 

Saturday snaps



The canal beneath Potsdamer Brücke; a lone ping pong table on a pedestrian street (spotted walking home from Jäger und Sammler).


Friday snaps



Wine at Tim Raue; even the cut flowers echo the gentle season.

The right brush


More hoarding for the winter, this time a pot scrubber, this one made at a workshop staffed by disabled individuals in operation since 1928, from their shop on Oranienstraße


Miss Read in brief




Last night I went to Miss Read. Tonight I am in the kitchen making caramel for tomorrow's pear tarte Tatin. (Wasn't I making a rhubarb one only yesterday?) Happy weekend, friends.







A crisp, brilliant autumn day, and everywhere, the merry aqua circle announcing Berlin Art Week. Ladders in the galleries, sculptures on the sidewalk. At the same time, in the side streets, swans, elderberries, green acorns.


Salt for the winter (and a bánh mì)

My inner ant, my inner squirrel emerges as autumn's chill descends. The other day in Steglitz I stocked up on spices for the winter - cinnamon, various chili peppers, nutmegs, and, more luxuriantly, two Hawaiian salts, one to keep, one to share.
Afterwards the owner suggested I try Delicious for a fresh, light lunch. My bánh mì, made with homemade tofu, was good enough that I'm eager to return and try more.
Pot & Pepper, Kieler Str. 9, Berlin-Steglitz (map), independent spice shop also stocking slow meat and cooking supplies.
Delicious Berlin, Deitmerstr. 13, Berlin-Steglitz (map), small lunchtime cafe with a mostly Vietnamese menu.