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On Peacock Island



Many know there's an island full of peacocks in southwest Berlin. Only when I was amidst them did the peacocks surprise me. I found them nestled in patches of dried grass and ducking their beaks into a rejected smear of mustard on a plate.



We walked across vast lawns dotted with fairytale castles and visited the beautiful dairy (built so the nobles could play at being milkmaids). We sat in the sun on the Liegewiese eating sausages. Children chased after the peacocks' heavy plummage. We came home with pockets full of chestnuts and one tiny electric blue feather.

Peacock Island, Berlin-Wannsee (map)
Catch the 218 bus from S-Bahnhof Wannsee; Pfaueninsel is the final stop. Continue down the slope to the water and wait for the ferry (€3). 


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I never did find this place.

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