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Taschen sale (& giveaway)

© Akihisa Masuda, from Tree Houses

But oh, lush ink-saturated pages can brighten a slate-skied day.


© Bibliothek Werner Oechslin, Einsiedeln, from Six Books of Euclid

Today I'm pleased to team up with a publisher I love, Taschen, who makes beautiful books on topics as varied as tree houses, geometry and contemporary illustration, for a giveaway marking a blitz sale that begins today at their temporary Schlüterstraße location (and indeed around the world).


© TASCHEN, from 100 Illustrators

Leave a comment below to win your own copy of the slipcased two-volume 100 Illustrators, which includes beloved Berlin-based illustrators Olaf Hajek and Christoph Niemann. I'll choose a winner at random on Sunday.



I'm guessing husbands probably aren't allowed to enter (although you would save on postage if you chose me), but I throw my name in the ring anyway!

Amazing! I guess adding another title to my collection won't be too onerous! :)

Wow, große Namen, tolle Bücher und eine schöne Idee!
Liebe Sylee, ich sende Dir herzliche Grüße aus dem Atelier petit4,

I wanna have these book to complete my TASCHEN collection. I've seen already this book, it's amazing - so varied and fanciful.

Mmm! A copy of this would brighten up my day too!

You can save on postage with me, too! Pick me, pick me!

I'd also love this! and we'd be keeping the postman busy.

I was wondering if you might be giving away purses. Or apple turnovers, mmmm.

That book's a real stunner and all those great illustrators!!

ooo! great stuff! :) i'm a huge fan of taschen, and i've been wanting one of their books forever!

Who knows how many more grey days will need a splash of colour? Count me in... J.

I wouldn't mind winning!

I will pirouette over black ice to personally procure my copy of lushness that will armour me against these grey grey days...(I mean anything to save a little postage.). :))

I'd also love to win it!
I'm fond of taschen books (and of your blog, by the way...)

Einstein told us that imagination is more important than knowledge. Perhaps these books will enable me to fly away...

This would brighten up dreary winter days!

I would love that book! (Also I love this blog. Takes me back.)

Really lovely to see everyone's enthusiasm - thank you for that. Oh, for a tableful of books to dispense! Just now I trundled over to www.random.org and punched in '16': '11', it replied. Congratulations, Schlachtplatte!

Curses! I always knew that Random.org had something against me. Oh well. Congratulations to Schlachtplatte in any case!

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