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To brighten each morning


It's only six weeks or eight weeks after Christmas that you can say with any certainty what your favorite present was. It's not only the jaunty form: the tea kettle also has the merriest whistle.

From the ever-lovely enamel shop Liv in Prenzlauer Berg, which threatens to bankrupt me any time I am within one hundred meters. There's an online shop too, for those who fancy financial ruin from further afield. One day I promise myself I'll have a gentle rainbow of Riess milk jugs, saucepans, and more on my kitchen shelves.

Liv, Stargarder Stra├če 9, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg (map). A lovingly run shop with a wide range of enamelware products by Riess, Falcon, and more.


How lovely! This looks like a very dangerous tip for my bank balance too.

For the sake of full disclosure, it should be pointed out that opinions on the allegedly merry whistle are divided in the Reified household. Certain smaller individuals (aged 5) detest said whistle, claiming it is "too noisy".

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