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Flowers in Berlin: An afternoon with Ruby Barber



How long have we Berliners watched the world of floristry thrive overseas and pined for the same? I was delighted when gifted Australian florist Ruby Barber invited me to a grand Charlottenburg flat to chat as she set up the flowers for that evening’s Krauted Haus supper club (aptly titled Zwischenzeit).

Against a backdrop of creamy magnolia branches and cherry blossoms, Ruby told me she left her university course in architecture and design because she was so bewitched by the world of flowers.



Following an apprenticeship with Simone Gooch of Fjura, Ruby set up her floral design business, Mary Lennox. It's named after the contrary heroine in The Secret Garden, whose life was also transformed by flowers. She's since gone on to work with Saipua and other pioneers in floristry.



Since coming to Berlin, Ruby has trawled the Brandenburg countryside in search of perfect blooms, pulling out her wallet for the right to secateur blossoming quince branches from a front garden in Friedrichshain. 

Now, everywhere, the lilacs are emerging from their taut buds. I can't wait to see what use she'll put them to. You'll find her arrangements next at the Kinfolk dinner in May, to be held at the Wehrmühle Biesenthal. Or be in touch with Ruby directly to arrange a gift bunch of your very own. Mention 'Berlin Reified' and she'll deliver your flowers for free.

Mary Lennox, bespoke flowers, Berlin and beyond (instagram)


Beautiful flowers, gorgeous photos!

So lovely! Ruby is super talented!!


Such a talent, Berlin is very lucky to have someone with such a tasteful aesthetic. Hope to see more of Ruby's work in future!

Wow, these arrangements are incredible. How great to see some more artistic floristry happening in Berlin. Look forward to seeing what she does next...!

The flowers in photo number 3 (pink petals, black on the inside) are some of the most exquisite, Jugendstil-esque I have ever seen. Any idea what they are?

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