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A picnic on the Spree



Once again, we headed down to the water.

Have you got a favorite spot for picnic provisions? Our baskets were filled with buttery biscuits from the new Albrecht's on Sophienstraße, with Grüner Veltliner and Morbier from the charming Jens Garlipp on Große Hamburger Straße, with figs and rolls from the supermarket.

By nightfall, all we could see of the pleasure boats were their lights reflected in the river.


Albrecht's, Sophienstraße 5, Berlin-Mitte (map) Pocket-sized pâtisserie with perfect tartes and tortes.
Garlipp Weinhandlung, Große Hamburger Straße 1, Berlin-Mitte (map) Unpretentious and competent wine shop with a small selection of cheese and antipasti.


Love the abstract nature of the top picture, almost looks like a Gerhard Richter painting!

Thanks a lot ! - The charming Jens Garlipp would like to know who you are ;-)......?

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