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Late summer foraging/Three spots in the sun



Berlin has left the season of cherries. Overhead, along shady avenues and in playgrounds, berries and stone fruits ripen. As we walked to Krumme Lanke with a picnic basket in hand, S plundered the front gardens of the silent Bruno Taut row houses.



We were on our way to look at some cupboards at Stacey's studio in Lichtenberg. On a summer Saturday, Kaskelstraße was quiet. The park beside Nöldnerplatz was shaded with common ash trees. A red-haired woman pumped the fountain until water spilled down the stones into the sand. Overhead there were apples; a row of blackberry bushes hugged the edge of the playground.



 On summer mornings and evenings, Volkspark Wilmersdorf is alive with rabbits, munching cloer in trios. In the afternoons, the park beside the Goldenem Hirsh plays host to a half-dozen picnics. Walking home afterwards, the residential streets are heavy with fruit.

Krumme Lanke, Berlin-Zehlendorf (map) The lake can be unbearably rowdy at the weekends, whereas one almost always finds a quiet space of shore mid-week.

Hauffstraße playground, Hauffstr. 21, Berlin-Lichtenberg (map) From May to September, the Lichtenberg cafe Je länger, Je lieber opens a small outpost at the playground selling coffee and ice cream. 

Rudolph Wilde Park, Berlin-Schöneberg (map) Children love watching the U4 trains whisk in and out of Rathaus Schöneberg stop, arguably the prettiest station in the city.


Lovely, Sylee… too bad I missed the bounty of Berlin in August. Nice to go for a walk in Berlin anytime I want by visiting yours and other city blogs.

Plenty of urban food growing in the landscaping here, but some of it is underground (taro, sweet potato). We have marked the spot of several tamarind trees, and have rented the downstairs of a house with mango trees in the yard. But we will have to be patient, they are done fruiting for the year.

If I wouldn't know better I'd say that's me over there plying Kubb in the park. But that's 3 weeks ago, so it might be somebody else :) Sabrina

nice photos. love them.

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