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Scenes from Little Wood





You know my love of vacant lots, and my curiosity about what comes to fill them. When Contemporary Food Lab sent out invitations to the opening of Little Wood, I had to go.





 A Swiss artist has built a joyously colorful sculpture that serves as set of bleechers. Someone uprooted vegetables in the Uckermark and replanted them in boxes filled with potting soil so visitors can have the experience of (re)harvesting them. This afternoon, Hendrik Haase supervised the making of sausages from scratch.

Tomorrow, Cathrin and Pamela will bring their lovely Food Exchange series to the lot. On August 14th, Carson Chan will organize a food court featuring food from conflict-riven countries. And every day from noon to 10pm, visitors are welcome to bring picnics and doze in the hammock.

Little Wood, corner of Ackerstra├če and Invalidenstra├če beside St. Elizabeth church, Berlin-Mitte (approximate map)


Love that this is next door!

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