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In brief

Berlin Reified celebrates and savors quiet moments of life in Berlin. Founded in 2006, Berlin Reified is a food blog written, photographed, and published by Sylee Gore.

Discover - Taste - Gather - Make

Berlin Reified forages for lilacs to make cordial, interviews a biodynamic bread-making pioneer, admires the lines of a Weck jar, and adopts a hen. Berlin Reified brunches in a permaculture garden, takes coffee in a cemetery, picnics along the Spree, finds herself electrified by an amibitious young chef and his team, folds Miang Kam in Thai Park, and lunches between books or in an architect's canteen.

Outside of the city, Berlin Reified tracks down dosas in Maryland strip malls, cheese makers in the Outer Hebrides, cider presses in Brandenburg, crab apple gratin in Stockholm, and sabich in Tel Aviv.

Berlin Reified is one life among many. Berlin Reified gathers the moments when a passion for food throws the world into sharp relief. Above all, it’s a labor of love: Enjoy.


Kind words

Described as "inspirational" by Lonely Planet, this online collection of Berlin’s most wonderful places is “a stroll through the city on a culinary journey of discovery. The photographs and text are so appealing that the reader’s mouth starts to water” (Zitty). The Berliner Zeitung writes: “This blog eschews the mainstream in favor of personally chosen Berlin delights. Definitely click through the site while hungry—and then try everything.” For where to eat, shop, and wander, visit the Berlin guide.

Berlin Reified has covered and photographed restaurants, markets, cafes, and special places in Berli and beyond for Art Info, Carl Goes, Cosmopolitan Italy, Departures Magazine, Global Blue, Google, Holiday Check, House Trip, Mandalah, Rough Guides, the World Health Organization, Zagat, and Zitty.

Lonely Planet Berlin 2015
"Not only about food, this is an inspirational blog about all those places that make Berlin special, written by expat Sylee Gore."

Zitty on Berlin Reified
“Berlin Reified blogs enthusiastically about culinary forays in Berlin and Brandenburg, documented with beautiful photographs. She takes the reader with her on these journeys of discovery.”

Berliner Zeitung on Berlin food blogs
“A stroll through the city on a culinary journey of discovery. The photographs and text are so appealing that the reader’s mouth starts to water.”

Goethe Institut on Berlin food blogs
“Since my return to this city, I’ve enjoyed Berlin Reified, a labour of love by the delightful long-term expat Sylee Gore.  In a kind of homage to the city, Gore celebrates the cafés, restaurants, markets and edibles (as well as design and handcrafts).  In her Kitchen Notes she makes Sunday morning shortbread, gooseberry fool and Bärlauch (wild garlic) ricotta fritters.  Like all the best blogs it's personal and personable, and a joy to explore and read.”

Berliner Zeitung on Berlin blogs
“Since 2006, Gore has been feasting her way through Berlin. Alongside her interest in design and photography, her focus is on food—good food. In the guide, she lists her recommended restaurants, cafes, patisseries, and shops alphabetically, with maps and photos. Her personal reports on the location, audience, and food make this guide well worth reading.”


Nassauische Str. 57, 10717 Berlin
+49 (0)163 351 7475

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Photographed in Das süße Leben by Roselyne Titaud